Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing 

What is Tank Cleaning ? 

Tank cleaning is the process of removing contamination such as water, foreign particulate matter and biological growth from your tank. 

What is Fuel Polishing ? 

Fuel polishing is the process of removing contamination such as water/particles and possibly Diesel Bug from fuel to ensure that it remains in line with fuel specifications 

How do we clean your tank ? 

Depending on access to your tank we use probes to suck the contamination from the bottom of the tank via the filling point and pass it through a filter removing the contamination. 
On tanks with poor or no access the only way may be to create access by cutting holes. 

How do we polish your fuel ?  The contents of the fuel tank are passed through specialist equipment that removes virtually 100% of the water and any other contamination. This ensures that only clean fuel enters the injection system thus avoiding any potential expensive repairs.  

Is my tank suitable for polishing or cleaning ?  For our machines to work we need to gain direct access to your tank. If your tank is built in to the stern counter with a filler direct into it we should be able to help. If you have tanks built into the floor or a filler not connected directly to the tank we may not be able to access it. If in doubt get in contact and we will try to help. 

How much does it cost ? 

Prices start from £140 
Why not have your fuel filters changed at the same time as having the fuel polished. Prices from £10.00 

Other preventative measures. 

Another option is to have either a FUEL PURIFINER system fitted or a FUEL GUARD filter fitted. Either of these can eliminate the need to have the fuel polished depending on the level of tank contamination. Click on the red links above for details of the filters.