How the Fuel Purifiner works. 

When the fuel enters the unit the baffles in the system immediately induce a swirling action, which causes water and solid contaminants to separate out of the fuel. The contaminants sink to the base of the unit where they are retained - the contaminants are simply drained and disposed of when the system is full. An optional sensor can be supplied to indicate this. 
Fully compliant with the RCD and BSS. 
How much does it cost? 
Prices start from £220.00 plus fitting. 
The average cost for fitting is around £60.00. 
Avoid fuel/water related breakdowns 
Remove solid/semi solid contaminants such as dirt, rust and sludge 
Maintain exhaust emission standards 
Significantly extend the life of the standard fuel filter 
Save on paper consumables as the Fuel Purifier is filterless 
Fewer unscheduled repairs and call outs