BSS Examinations

Holed flue pipe

We carry out both private and non-private BSS examinations and are able to examine private, residential and commercial vessels.

We are members of the Nationwide Alliance of Boat Surveyors and Examiners (NABSE) and the Association of Boat Safety Scheme Examiners (ABSSE)

Heat damage

The Boat Safety Scheme

Regular maintenance to keep your boat safe and complying with the legal obligations when it is on the water should ensure a first-time pass.  However, preparing your boat before its examination will pay off.  Apart from checking to see that installations, components and fittings comply with the requirements before the examiner arrives, there are several things you can do to make the whole process run smoothly.  All required items must be capable of being checked effectively and accurately.  If not, the examination will be considered to be incomplete.  An examiner cannot issue a certificate on an incomplete examination.

LPG and wiring

Do you want to know what is checked during your boat examination?

All of the Examiner Checking Procedures (ECP's) can be found on the Boat Safety Scheme website -