Specialising in steel Narrowboat surveys in the UK

Traditional Narrowboat

Surveys are carried out by the principle surveyor Justin Green (Diploma in Small Craft Surveying)

"I provide a comprehensive and no nonsense report, in an easy to read format."

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Hull Condition, Insurance and Valuation Surveys


A hull only condition survey is useful if you want to know the condition of your hull.  This may be to satisfy your own curiosity about it's condition, or if you wish to know if there are any repairs required.


Insurance underwriters typically require a vessel to be surveyed when it reaches 20 years of age or over.  This can range from a hull only survey, up to a full condition survey.  Our survey will assess the condition of the hull and associated items as per the underwriters requirements.  Findings from this survey will be detailed in a report for the insurance underwriters to assess the vessels insurability.


A valuation survey could be required for many reasons such as use by insurance underwriters, finance providers or in cases of dispute and family matters.


A pre-purchase survey is a detailed inspection of the vessel which covers all aspects of the vessel that are considered to be important, including the hull and superstructure, engine and electrical system, water, gas and heating systems. It will also cover the Boat safety Scheme requirements. The finding are detailed in a report that will inform the potential purchaser of any issues affecting the vessel that may require rectification before purchase, and will include any recommendations or suggestions.

For a fairly new vessel, it may not be necessary to have a full out of water survey and an in water survey may suffice.

Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association

Professional development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement of YDSA membership and this is achieved by attending regular seminars, training events and surveyor group meetings, Justin also sits on the YDSA and Inland Boatbuilding committee, he also represents the industry on the BSS Technical Committee as well as the LPG Standards Committee.